The Future of Computing

apps_dex_feature06_pcSo, I’ve been thinking about this some recently, with the introduction of the Samsung DeX  – which is an imperfect solution but starts us down a path to an interesting future,  a future which could be accelerated significantly if the FAA starts banning laptops on flights –

Think about this – you have a single device in your pocket.  When it’s in your pocket it has a screen and acts as a smartphone does today. But, like the DeX, when you plug it into a dock somewhere, the experience changes to a full desktop experience.  The apps work differently depending on which context you are in.  You no longer need a laptop or a desktop, just your single device. There can be portable screens that the device snaps into that can make your device laptop-ish if you want to use it on the go.

All of your data is in the cloud or that one device – everything is available no matter what context you’re in.

MacOS and iOS are too divergent for this to be easy, IMO, but potentially they could work their way to this reality, and ChromeOS could work its way into this with Android potentially.  But with all the desktop functionality Microsoft supports already, it seems like it would be easier to modify those for the smartphone context (they already have smartphone versions of everything from Excel to Photoshop, so how hard could this be?)

This is the future of computing – everything in your pocket, context changes depending on what you hook up to. It definitely solves problems customers have today when changing context means also changing devices, and will solve the coming challenge when laptops are banned on flights.Who do you think is going to get there first?

Who do you think is going to get there first?

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