Lean Startup Reading Resources

Build – Measure – Learn and do it fast.  Test the riskiest parts (assumptions) of your business model. Validate with customers. Iterate or Pivot based on this real customer feedback.  Here are the books that will help you get much deeper in these.

Chris Prosser does a decent quick review of many of these books here – http://chrisnart.blogspot.com/2013/08/lean-startup-book-roundup.html?utm_medium=twitter&utm_source=twitterfeed

This is the book that started it all:

The Four Steps to the Epiphany:

four books to the epiphany

And then Steve Blank followed up with this (which is probably a better choice)

The Startup Owner’s Manual

startup owners manual

This book is a nice summary of the two Steve Blank books above – VERY quick and easy read.

Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development


This next book is a must read – and a quick read – to get the concept of the business model canvas as a one page view of your business.

Business Model Generation (aka “The Business Model Canvas Book)


And then, of course, this is the book that more directly codified the “Lean Startup Movement” and helped it become what it is today.  A great read to get an overview of the concepts.  My copy has lots of pages marked for future reference.
The Lean Startup


Running Lean is an excellent addition to the Lean Startup body of work, Ash takes the ideas Eric Ries espouses in The Lean Startup and tells you more much more specifically how to avoid building wrong product. Build-Measure-Learn is a great framework, and Ash helps you understand how to make that all more actionable.
Running Lean


From the same guys that wrote the Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development.  This book clarifies many of the points talked about in the previous books, with some good graphics (like my favorite “I Fix your X” graphic on the cover)

The Lean Entrepreneur


This book is a great deep dive into the “Measure” part of Build-Measure-Learn.  I am thoroughly enjoying it (still mid-read right now).  Key focus on things like “the One Metric that Matters” based on the phase your business is in.

Lean Analytics


And this is the next book in the series – I’d LOVE to hear anyone’s feedback about this one, because I haven’t gotten a chance to get into it yet (I need to finish Lean Analytics first 🙂 )

Lean UX: Applying Lean Principles to Improve User Experience


This book isn’t technically part of the “Lean Startup” body of work, but it espouses many of the same concepts – simple products are better, get something out and get feedback, etc.

This book is also a super quick read, and has lots of wonderful tidbits from the founders of 37signals.  I can’t recommend enough 🙂




What are some other startup related books you have read that you think are awesome?

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