Interview questions to get people off their script

Some interesting interview questions in the below article.  And no – not the “how many golf balls would it take” or the “you have two fuses” kinds of brain teasers, but actual, useful interview questions.

Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh asks these interview questions to get people off their script

I’ve asked people things like:

  • What would your friends/last boss change about you?

This is another take on the “what are your weaknesses” question, but because I frame it differently, most people didn’t think to use their stock “weaknesses” answers, and i got a lot of insight into the perople

  • What is one book you would recommend I read

I ask this because I like to hire learners on my team, and reading is one strong indication of that trait.  I’ve gotten all kinds of answers, from “The bible” to “I don’t like to read much” but the answers always reveal something about the candidate.

In a past interview I got a bunch of questions based on this article: which I found to be an interesting, challenging interview because it was “off-script” in large part.

Do any of you have any interesting interview questions you have asked or been asked that make you think on your feet (again – not brain teasers)?

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