Startups benefit from sound product management techniques


Pinkesh Shah points out that there are strong parallels between the product management mentality and the startup founder mentality.

If you are just a requirements creator, you probably aren’t going to strike out on your own – the kind of product managers I’m talking about understand their market, and the problems that their customers have.  The whole idea here is to solve a problem that customers are willing to pay to solve.  This is why all the Lean Startup stuff resonates with me so much – when you crash that against more traditional product management ideas they are very symbiotic.startup founder mentality.  I’ve often said that being a product manager can be like being an entrepreneur with a safety net (entrepreneurship for the more risk averse?) but this very much depends on the kind of company you work for and the function that product management serves.

So – what do you think – do product managers make good startup founders?  Should a founding team have someone who has done product management before?

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