Some thoughts on company culture

cultureFirst off – I absolutely love these two presentations on company culture from Hubspot and Netflix:

Obviously Tony Hsieh of Zappos is famous for his thoughts on culture, and David Cummings (Pardot, Hannon Hill, Atlanta Tech Village, and more) has placed a large emphasis on culture at his companies.

But this post was initially inspired by this article – – on assessing the culture of your startup – but it doesn’t just apply to startups.  It applies to any company

I have worked at great cultures and not-so-great cultures.  No matter which type it was, you could sense it in how the leaders behaved, how people interacted with one another, who got hired or promoted (and why) and lots of other things.  And it is very hard to change an established culture (but not impossible).  In general, I think it’s easier the higher you are in an organization to affect that kind of change, especially as you bring new people in to the company.  Try and make your team have the kind of culture you want to see and hope that both your team’s shining results and the way they interact (with each other and the rest of the company) will inspire others to follow.

Have any of you ever tried to change the culture in a company?  Were you successful?  What worked and what didn’t?

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