And Qwikster is no more

In a move which rivals Notre Dame’s hiring and subsequent firing after 5 days of George O’Leary, Netflix has backtracked and is no longer going to split into two brands, with two companies and two CEOs and so forth. Which first of all makes me very glad I didn’t get the job there that I was talking to them about But – more importantly, it makes them seem like they don’t have a firm vision and strategy if they are willing to make, and then almost instantly reverse, a move of this magnitude.

Ultimately, streaming is the future, but DVD’s likely have a useful shelf life for a while.  We’re only at the beginning of the lifecycle for streaming, and we don’t really even know how the model will work. There’s the netflix model – single MRC, unlimited streaming.  There’s the apple model – essentially pay per view.  Amazon has a foot in both models, and Hulu has free streaming, with a Netflix-like MRC for the premium service.  

I think that maybe one day instead of deciding if i want to get my content from Comcast or AT&T or DirecTV, I’ll choose between Netflix, Hulu, Apple, and Amazon.  Or perhaps those streaming providers will be more like TV channels, each with their own deals with the content providers themselves, so you consume both Hulu and Amazon, for example.

It will be interesting to watch.  What do you think is going to happen?


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