The future of TV

So, I’m a cord cutter.  I got rid of cable TV, and now consume all of my TV content via (in order of minutes watched:)

  • Netflix Streaming on a laptop hooked up to my TV
  • Hulu (same laptop)
  • ESPN3 (ditto)
  • Over-the-air (sports)
  • DVDs (Redbox or Netflix/Qwikster)

I’m pretty happy with this, though there is definitely some content I miss having access to.  Discovery, for one thing, is not very digitally available, not even through the Apple/Amazon stores.

I ultimately think this all gets better over time, as the publishers/content owners get onboard this new channel for consuming television, the same way the music companies eventually came around.  

A couple of articles on the subject:

As well as another article on the Netflix/Qwikster split, which has been quite controversial:

Anyone out there a cord-cutter?  What do you miss?  If not, what is keeping you from doing it?

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