Interesting Gmail Add-on

So I just read about a "new" gmail add-on (it's been out since March) that enriches your contact data in the right side nav-bar where the ads are.  Sort of like Xobni ( Rapportive scrapes social networks based on the email address of the person (either the "from" on an email, or any email address you mouseover.)  It's implemented as a browser add-on, and in the 20 minutes I've been using it so far, it seems pretty neat.  It cannot yet aggregate a single human's multiple email addresses to understand that they may all be the same person, but it does support a bunch of social networks (you can see the full list here: )
It's definitely an early stage product, but it looks very promising as a way to enrich the gmail experience.  I think it will be interesting to see what kinds of additional features they support later on, when they have a freemium model fully up and running.

Here's the article where I first heard about them:

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