Windows Phone 7 looks pretty good


has some other reviews for you, but I played with the phone at WPC last week, and I already own a ZuneHD, and I really like this interface.  It’s pretty intuitive, and as the other reviewers noted – it is very responsive.  MY HTC Hero Android phone is pretty laggy at times (especially frustrating when I’m trying to answer a phone call, for example) and since I had similar experiences with WinMobile 6.1, I was nervous.


A quick tangent/rant.  Phone makers – when you make a phone, the “phone” functions like “answer this incoming call” should trump anything else you are doing.  I don’t care how much multimedia processing you are doing to show me that youtube video – when a call comes in, ESPECIALLY if I hit a hard button to answer the call (as opposed to the touchscreen,) the phone should stop everything else it is doing and answer the dang call.  Similar for quitting out to make an outgoing call, say to 911 for example.  Just let me make the dang call!  It’s a phone first, and that real time ability to communicate with others is important.


OK, rant over.  Back on track.  I have no idea if the new Windows Phone 7 suffers from this sort of problem, because these were prototypes at a conference, and we all were having connectivity issues in the conference center.  When 12,000 people with (probably) 24,000+ wifi devices try to get on the same network at the same time, it doesn’t always work smoothly.  But I do know that the unconnected experience was very slick.  Others seem to agree.  Hopefully Microsoft can repair a huge chunk of its mobile image with this.  You have to be impressed that they totally scrapped the old platform, which cost a lot to develop, and lots of people had spent lots of time on it.  Changing course like this, which is essentially starting completely over, takes courage, especially for a big company.  It doesn't hurt that they have the desktop OS cash cow to support innovative efforts like this, but this is a high visibility risk, and I am impressed.

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