Other social networking tools/sites

for networks, I do the usual – facebook, linkedin (linked in bio on right,) twitter (also linked in bio on right,) digg, and foursquare.  I also have used goodreads to keep up with reading habits of friends.  I tried Google Wave and Buzz, but neither was able to hold my attention (actually, digg kind of falls in that realm as well, but that's a me problem there.)

I use some online tools and apps as well that are worth checking out:

http://gist.com – interesting aggregation of network info.

http://netvibes.com – an interesting dashboard that integrates social networks, news, and all kinds of other information.  worth checking out for sure.

For twitter, I like tweetdeck as a desktop application (and it integrates facebook and linkedin as well.)

Those are the top of mind ones, but i'm certain i'm forgetting a few.  Oh well.

and no, I have no idea why I got lazy with capitalization —  I try to be better about that, but I'm not going to fix it now 🙂

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